I was born in Salta, Argentina,  in 1960

I have two sons, two grandchildren and an step one!  I love them very much. 

I have university degrees in  Mathematics and Physics and worked mostly in the IT/Computing fields until 2001 when, for health issues, I decided to retire from the high stress world and follow my passion: arts. 

Currently, I am a part time nude/no nude model for life drawing and photography classes and workshops. 

Arts runs in my blood from both father and mother sides.  I was born in a house with a dark room!   I'm also a 4th generation photographer  (as far back as I can trace it at least) and grew up in environments of painters, photographers and theater actors.  

As a  photographer and digital artist, I focused mostly on portraiture, nature,  artistic nudes and Gay & HIV Advocacy art.  Past exhibits include  galleries and exhibits in Ottawa (ont),  Toronto (ont), Montreal (qbc)  and Vancouver (bc). 

My idea of life?  If we are lucky,  we will know what love is and, perhaps, live long and get very old .   A balance between wisdom and taking risks makes for an often  bumpy but interesting journey .   So then..  here I am walking this journey, knowing that this is my life .. the only one I got..  and is up to me to make the most of it.  Trying to be wise but taking a hell of lot risks while walking this journey.   Looking back, it was a good and really  bumpy  ride..    Looking forward,  almost scaring..    Looking at the present:  I love my children, ..  and my  work..  so is all good.  



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