Memories - Alzheimer

PVT Comission

A friend's mom is in a retirement home in Ottawa. She is at the onset of Alzheimer's. Her short memory is quickly failing while her long-term memory is utterly intact. She is originally from La Paz, Bolivia, a city that I visited several times in my life. La Paz is the highest capital city in the world, resting on the foot of the Illimani, an iconic mountain in the Andean altiplano plateau, 3500mts OSL. People that have been in La Paz would immediately recognize the city in this painting (that's the hope!!) The idea is to give the painting to my friend's mom so she can have a 'comfort home memory' image with her and hopefully prolong her long-term memory for as long as possible. I've done art therapy before but this is new territory for me. People in retirement homes are particularly vulnerable, with feelings of isolation and abandonment in the autumn of their lives. I encourage artists to think in these terms. Maybe we, the artists, can help the most vulnerable while doing what we love the most: our art. And, for now, wish me luck!!
Update: I painted this piece in 2020.. two years later she still recognizes her beloved city in it.